10 Lines Essay on “A Cyclone” English Essay for Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Students.

10 Lines on “A Cyclone”

  1. A cyclone is a storm that takes place due to changes in the air pressure.
  2. Winds from places around rush to that area.
  3. The air rises up, and that area becomes cool.
  4. The wind blows really fast, almost 80 kilometers per hour and is often followed by rain.
  5. Cyclones cause a lot of harm sometimes.
  6. Things get blown away.
  7. Little boats in the harbour turn round and round in the wind, huts and trees get destroyed in villages, crops are damaged, animals also die.
  8. When a cyclone is very severe, even cattle sometimes get blown away.
  9. In the olden days people used to say that a cyclone took place because the Gods were angry with man and this was their way of teaching him a lesson.
  10. The Government and social workers help people whose homes get damaged due to a cyclone.

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