10 lines Essay on “Terrorism: Causes, Effects & Way Out” for Students of Class 10, 11, 12.

10 lines on Terrorism: Causes, Effects & Way Out

  1. Terrorism is the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political or ideological goals.
  2. The causes of terrorism are complex and varied, but often include a desire to bring about political change, a sense of injustice or oppression, or a desire to spread fear and disruption.
  3. The effects of terrorism can be wide-ranging and long-lasting, affecting not only the immediate victims, but also communities and societies as a whole.
  4. Terrorism can have economic effects, such as damage to infrastructure and decreased tourism, as well as psychological effects, such as fear and mistrust among people.
  5. One way to address terrorism is through the use of law enforcement and intelligence agencies to disrupt and dismantle terrorist networks.
  6. International cooperation is also important in the fight against terrorism, as terrorists often operate across national borders.
  7. Addressing underlying grievances and injustices that may drive terrorism is also critical.
  8. Some governments have used military force to try to eliminate terrorists and their safe havens, but this approach can also have negative consequences and may not be effective in the long term.
  9. Alternative approaches, such as conflict resolution and reconciliation, may be more effective in addressing the root causes of terrorism.
  10. Education and awareness-raising can also play a role in reducing the appeal of terrorism and in promoting peace and tolerance.

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