Essay on “An Indian Astrologer” English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Kids and Students for Classes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE, ICSE Board, 272 Words.

An Indian Astrologer

An Indian astrologer is a common figure. He wears a big turban, a loose kurta and dhoti. He has a long vermilion mark on his forehead Together with the holy mark he rubs ash on the face. His eyes glitter and make his appearance impressive. From his face it looks as if he knows about the stars and their movement thoroughly. But in most case it is only a facade.

The Indian astrologer chooses a place of vintage to carry on his job. He sits by the roadside which is visited by his probable clients. It is a shaded place a little away from the busy road. He would prefer to sit under a peepal tree. He likes to sit near an electric pole or near a hawker’s stall because he has no light of his own if it gets dark. He spreads before him his maps and charts of different stars and planets. He charges a reasonably low fee for his observations.

The Indian astrologer is an intelligent judge of human nature. He knows human psychology. Only a few minutes talk with his client gives a sufficient knowledge of his problems and needs. He himself talks less but encourages the client to talk more. This gives him sufficient material to answer the questions of his client.

People of different sexes and ages have different questions to ask. The youngmen want to know about their education, job and marriage. Some are interested in knowing if there is any chance for them to settle abroad. If it is a young girl, she likes to know what sort of in-laws she is likely to get after marriage. The grown-up people want to know about money-matters, business prospects and promotion chances.

Whatever the case may be, the astrologer’s answers are vague and ambiguous. They can be interpreted in any way. Everybody interprets it according to his own suitability. An astrologer does not tell unpleasant things. He always gives a rosy picture to his client. If the picture is dark, he would suggest remedy also.

Many people condemn the road-side astrologer as a cheat. They would like to put him out of action. This opinion does not hold water. It is the profession of a class of people. If a person does not like an astrologer, it is better he stayed away from him. Those who have faith in him can’t be prevented from consulting him.

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