Essay on “Law and Order” for Students and Children, Best English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12

Law and Order


These days the deteriorating law and order is a problem not only in villages but also in big cities, probably more in the latter case. It is because, in the villages, the people know one another quite well, and if anyone goes wrong, the others desist him from going astray and often succeed in bringing him on the right path. Still, some dacoities, murders, and burglaries do take place in villages also.

Drinking, drug-taking, greed for money

The chief menace in both villages and towns and cities these days is a many-headed monster in the shape of public drinking, drug-taking, and greed for money. The villagers are very fond of litigation and they often go in for it over trivial matters. In villages, there are frequent disputes regarding ownership of land and storing of canal waters and other irrigation means. Dowry deaths or torture for the sake of dowry are becoming very common. Mainly, illiteracy must be considered responsible for any such conflicts.

Rogues go scot-free

It is an extremely sorry state of affairs that so many rogues, knaves, and rapists who commit heinous crimes, often go scot-free. It is because our legal system is faulty, slow and lethargic.

In cities, in fact, anywhere the condition of law and order is so sprightful that anybody with money and muscle power can loot, maim and even kill anybody in broad daylight. It is because these perpetrators of crimes have links with the high-ups who can come to their rescue if they are nabbed. The common man is so much terrified that he even dares not report against a powerful man, let alone the request for registering an FIR.

The role of the police

In certain cases, the police instead of coming to the rescue of the victims are itself involved in the act of crime. So, it turns a blind eye to the commission of any mischief. But, much against the common belief, this is not always the case. Many people do not actually help the police in their investigational process.

This hampers even the sincere efforts of the police to nab the culprits. It was also believed in certain circles that the history sheet of a criminal once closed could not be easily opened. However, the Punjab and Haryana High Court, in a significant judgment, has ruled that a history sheet can be opened against a person believed to be “Habitually addicted to crime or to be an aider or a bettor of such a person.”

Active help of people lacking

Public Interest Litigation (PIL) applications are entertained by courts to take action in the public interest. But, taking advantage of this facility, some unscrupulous and vested interests began to file such applications to further their own interests. The courts of India have taken steps to curb this trend.


No room for a prestige issue.

It is a good augury that the people have now come out in the open against criminals, scamsters, and scandal-mongers. But at the same time, there should be no room for an issue such as a prestige issue. If all the people co-operate, a right attitude and atmosphere can be created and the government can be forced to take strict action against all types of criminals and rioters. In a democracy, after all, much depends upon people’s own assertion and that is the right direction.

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