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A Scene at the Railway Station
A Scene at the Railway Platform

To see off uncle

Last Sunday I went to the local railway station to see off my uncle, who had advised me to purchase the ticket for him as he would be coming only a few minutes before the arrival of the train.


In the queue at the booking window

I went to the booking window and stood in the queue for second-class passengers. It was a long serpentine queue. It pained me to note that everybody in the queue seemed to be in an irritable mood.

At times, some youngsters tried to break the queue and go forward to buy the ticket before their turn. But they were soon cut to size by the rebukes and chiding remonstrances of others and they had to return to their original place in the queue…

As my turn came, I bought a ticket for Delhi for my uncle and a platform ticket for myself. Those behind me looked at me with jealous eyes. I was reminded of what I had read in a magazine: “Eyes reveal the man.”


Train late

As I entered the entrance gate leading to the platform, I was stunned to read on the noticeboard: Train XYZ late by one hour. I cursed myself why I had not cared to look at the noticeboard before purchasing the tickets. I thought I was a fool of the first water. Then I consoled myself thinking that even then



I was helpless. I had to purchase the tickets after all. Another thought reminded me that at least I could have avoided the purchase of the platform ticket for the time being, as it would expire after two hours and if the train was by chance late for more than this period, I would have to buy another platform ticket. I was so baffled that I began to find excuses somehow curse others. I found the alibi in cursing other passengers for being no lesser fools than me in purchasing tickets while being wet with perspiration in the scorching, torturous heat.



Normally, the coolies are seen rushing to and fro with luggage on their heads, but that day, they were in a leisurely mood. Many middle-aged men and women carried their own luggage even though with much effort, and on that count, the poor coolies were losers.



However, the vendors had a brisk business. Cold drinks and ice cream were in great demand. The little ones sitting on their luggage on the platform also pestered their parents to bring them several food items, one after the other, like biscuits, chocolates, toffee, potato chips, ice-creams, etc. Some people who wanted to get rid of boredom and lethargy sipped tea and coffee and some of them had snacks, etc. Some people who had come in a hurry and had not been able to take their, meals, ate, puris, paranthas, kulchas, pathooras, pakoras, or some sweets like barfi, gulab jamun, rasgulla, etc.


Some Express trains

At least twice the hurtling sound of a fast-moving train was heard, as the signal in the yard was down. Two speeding express trains passed along the platforms concerned on the wavering tracks. Most of the passengers, were seething, with anger and hurling curses at authorities, though, occasionally, they exchanged pleasantries and cracked stale, stupid jokes.


Our train

Fortunately, the train was not late beyond one hour. As it was announced that the train was coming, everybody became alert. Those reading books and magazines gave up their avocations. All gossip came to an end. Everybody stood up and moved closer to the track. Many necked out to look at the lowered signal and distant black silhouette of the train.


Uncle’s arrival in the nick of time

My uncle arrived just then. “I had been in contact with the station master on the phone,” he said. He patted me and handed me a gift pack for my approaching birthday. I thanked him a lot for the gift pack and in return, he showered me with lots of blessings.


The train’s majesty

As just after two minutes, the outer signal was down and the guard’s green flag waved triumphantly and the shrill whistle of the train resounded throughout the whole railway station, I quickly moved back from the vicinity of the train, and we two waved “byes” to each other generously while the train steamed off majestically towards its destination.

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