10 Lines Essay on “Life-Story of a School Bag” English Essay for Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Students.

10 Lines on “Life-Story of a School Bag”

  1. I am a bright, red school bag, and it is my birthday today.
  2. I am one year old.
  3. My little mistress loves me dearly and carries me around with great care.
  4. She keeps her little tiffin box, books, pencils and even puts a pair of shoes into me, sometimes.
  5. I was born in tailor’s shop.
  6. He stitched me together of cloth, then attached me to a long band that hung like a semi-circle.
  7. My mistress came to the shop with her parents and looked at others like me, lying on the shelf.
  8. I liked her very much and wanted to go with her.
  9. Suddenly, she pointed towards me, and hugged me.
  10. Within a few minutes I was hanging on her shoulder, and now am an important part of her life.

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