English Short, Moral Story “Changing Fortune” for Kids and Children for Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, competition with moral values.

Changing Fortune

Long ago, there lived a skillful weaver. He could make the finest garments that would fit the King, Queen and the Princess. However, he was very poor. One day he decided to try his luck at neighbouring kingdom.

He worked hard for two years and managed to earn four hundred gold coins. Now he decided to return home. He started his journey. At sunset, he found himself at the middle of the forest. He climbed a tall tree and went to sleep. In his dream, he saw the God of action and the God of destiny talking to each other.

The God of destiny asked the God of action, “This weaver is not blessed to live a luxurious life. Why did you help him earn four hundred gold coins? The God of action replied, “I have to give rewards who work hard. Weather the weaver can keep his wealth or not is in your hands.”

The dream shook the weaver awake. He looked into his bag and found that his coins were missing. He began to cry. He worried to face his wife without money. Hence, he decided to return to the kingdom and try to earn all over again.

This time he made five hundred gold coins in a year. Unfortunately, again he had the same dream. Once again, when he looked into his bag, he found that his coins were missing. The poor weaver lost all hopes and decided to kill himself. Suddenly he heard a voice in the skies: “Dear man! I am Lord Destiny, the one who took away your wealth. However, I am happy with your hard work and sincerity. Ask for a blessing and I shall grant it.” “Please return me my lost wealth, said the weaver. “In that case, go back to Indapur village where you will find two wealthy traders, Zavarilal and Jethalal Observe them and decide who you want to be: Zavarilal who earns a lot but does not like to spend a penny, or Jethalal, who not only earns but also enjoys his wealth.”

The weaver followed the advice and went to Indapur. First, he went to Zavarilal’s house and asked for an overnight stay. Zavarilal agreed but unwillingly gave him the dinner believing that he was an unwanted guest. Next morning, the poor weaver visited Jethalal’s house. Here he was warmly welcomed, loved and respected. The weaver had a good meal and slept peacefully. The next day, King’s messenger came to Jethalal house and gave him a big sum of money on behalf of the King.

The weaver realised that it is better to be like Jethalal. He enjoys life with whatever he has. “What’s the use of being rich but miserly?” Pleased with his choice, the Gods from heaven showered wealth on the weaver. The weaver returned home happily.

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