English Short, Moral Story “Baby Boy and The Wolves” for Kids and Children for Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, competition with moral values.

Baby Boy and The Wolves

Once upon a time there lived a family of wolves in a forest. The family had Father Wolf, and their three cubs. One day, Father wolf got up from his afternoon nap. As he wanted to sleep more, he stretched himself to get rid of the sleepy feeling. Even the mother Wolf was resting. The three cubs were playing next to her. They were spending a comfortable day in their den.

In late evening, Father wolf got up and started to move towards the forest in search of food. Of a sudden, he heard some noise. It was dark. Soon he saw a jackal that was disliked by all. He would bite anyone who came in front of him.

Even Father Wolf did not like the jackal. He questioned the jackal that what he was doing there and asked him to go and hunt somewhere else. The jackal did not listen to Father Wolf and said that he tiger had changed his hunting ground. After listening this, Father Wolf became very angry. “How can he change his hunting ground? He cannot break the law of the forest without informing anyone”, he said.

Mother Wolf came from back. She had heard their conversation. She explained, “The tiger is not a brave and strong hunter. He is lame and cannot hunt bravely as he used to. He can only hunt cattle and poor old villagers. The villagers must have grown tired of him and would have chased him away. Thus, he would have changed his hunting ground and has come here now”.

As they were talking, they heard a loud roar. All were terrified. The roar grew louder and louder. The jackal was frightened and ran into the forest for his life. On hearing the roar Mother Wolf said, “This is the old tiger, but his roar sounds different today. I think he is hunting a man and this is strictly against the jungle law.” As they were discussing, they heard some different noise. Father Wolf listened carefully and heard leaves rustling nearby. He thought, “Who could it be?”

After a few minutes, a small, naked and chubby baby boy came out from the bushes. He did not know fear. He was not afraid on seeing the wolves. He was hardly able to walk and went straight inside the wolves’ den.

Mother Wolf lovingly looked at the baby. In a motherly voice she said, “He is so cute and small. He is just like a man-cub.” She requested Father Wolf to allow the baby to stay inside the cave. Mother Wolf was very happy to have the man-cub. Little boy cuddled besides the other cubs in the cave. The baby boy stayed with the wolf family for many more years to come.

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