English Short, Moral Story “True love dies on earth and reborn in Heaven” for Kids and Children for Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, competition with moral values.

True love dies on earth and reborn in Heaven

Once upon time there was a butterfly, it was self beautified by yellowish golden colour. The Butterfly was very selfish, cruel and stone hearted. It was having habit of sucking the fragrant sweetness of beautiful flowers and also it is terrific that it was destroying them with no kind concern, daily it was destroying many flowers.

One fine day in a peaceful morning, the butterfly went in It’s daily routine i.e. In search of flowers, around a yard of this beautiful earth and Suddenly wonderful naturally decorated garden came to It’s sight which was full of greenery. The selfish Butterfly felt very happy, entered garden and it started flying around the garden with It’s bad thoughts and destroying flowers .Unfortunately Butterfly saw beautiful pink rose with diamond water droplets on It’s softy petals and it was looking very innocent and different among all the flowers, Butterfly never seen this type of flower in It’s life and it said Itself Oh! What gorgeous flower it is! and no more it remained Itself. And it returned home with unsatisfactory and it was confused and asked Itself why I not sucked the fragrant sweetness of that beautiful flower and it decided that it must suck the sweetness of flower next morning without fail. Next morning it went to the same garden and sat in front of the flower for the whole day without sucking the sweetness of it again returned home with lot of hunger and thirst and it again decided the same thing and went in front of flower after a while, Flower observed It’s madness and asked, .Oh ! Beautiful Butterfly why you are looking me like that, the whole day the Butterfly replied, I don’t know why (Beautiful conversation of Butterfly and flower)

Flower said Oh! Cruel Butterfly, why you are not sucking the sweet fragrant of mine and killing me like others you do!

Butterfly Oh! You beautiful innocent rose, I something feel about you .I changed my life and I want to become innocent like you.

Flower You have to suck me because I think I will be no more in this dream land.

Butterfly No I can’t and don’t force me. (It went back to home)

Butterfly started It’s new life with full of humble, kindness it left It’s cruelty and it felt Itself that it was in love with that beautiful rose, it decided to propose the rose on next morning .

(The Beauty and innocence of rose changed the Butterflies life it means the pure love towards the rose change its life)

Next morning, it was very happy and went meet It’s love and with full of dreams but sadly someone have plucked the flower, crushed and thrown on a floor (ground) The Butterfly saw that heart breaking moment with full of tears in It’s eyes and the sky was also Dark .Sky also started Crying (Raining) (The Butterfly sat near the dead body of It’s lovely rose)

Butterfly cried with full of sorrow and said!

Oh! Beautiful Rose, I truly love you very much today I am with full of sorrow, with whom I have to share you have slept dead and cold. Oh! Beautiful Rose you will be in my heart till the Beats of my heart stop Oh! Beautiful Rose I love you forever and there is no reason in my life for which I should live .With full of tears the tears of Butterfly felt on the Body of Rose, luckily Rose was having little Breadth in it slightly opened It’s eyes with heavy pain it said Butterfly. I listened what you told till now. I am very happy though I am in the bed of Death Where you had gone, I am waiting for the Death I moan I love you too.

After this the Butterfly was full with sorrow and it can’t forget rose which it loved. Day by day it become very ill and lastly it died.

And they both Butterfly and Rose again met in the Heaven and said our love died on Earth but re-born in Heaven

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