English Short/Moral Story “Who is Wealthy” for Kids and Children for Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, competition with moral values.

Who is Wealthy


Once a saint visited a town for some days. During his stay saint would pray silently sitting under a tree. People got to know about him and would come to visit him to ask solution for their problems.


In that town lived a very wealthy merchant. After observing saint for few days, was deeply touched by saint?s devotion and sincerity.


One day wealthy man went to saint and offered him a bag of gold saying, ?I know you will use this money for good of other.. Please accept it..?


Saint replied, ?Please wait a moment. I am not sure if it would be right for me to take your money?.?


Saint questioned, ?Are you wealthy?? Do you have more money at home???

Merchant proudly replied, ?Yes.. I have thousand of more gold coins at home..?


Saint again questioned, ?Do you want thousands of more gold coins???

Merchant replied, ?Why not.. I work hard everyday to earn more money..?


Saint questioned, ?Do you wish for yet thousands more gold pieces more beyond that..??

Merchant replied, ?Certainly.. Everyday i pray that i may earn more and more money..?


Saint pushed back the bag of gold to merchant and said, ?I am sorry but i can not take your money..?


Merchant was surprised. He asked, ?But why???


Saint replied, ?A wealthy man can not take money from a beggar..?


Wealthy man felt offended and spluttered, ?How can you call me a beggar and yourself a wealthy man..??


Saint smiled and replied, ?I am wealthy because i am content with whatever i have.. and You are a beggar because no matter how much you possess still you are always dissatisfied and begging for more..?



Key to Happiness is Being Content with Whatever we Have.

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