Essay on “Mother’s Day” for Students and Children, 700 Words Best Paragraph, Speech for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12.

Mother’s Day

Mother is the epitome of heaven.

It will be right to say the mother is the epitome of heaven. A tired sobbing child finds solace in the lap of his mother.


Mother’s service to infant baby.

When we were little infant babies, our mothers washed us clean. They lay on the bed soaked in our urine and made us sleep on a clean dry cloth. Now, we have several undergarments for children to save the mothers from this discomfort. But the fact remains that the mothers are ready for any kind of sacrifice for their children and do not desist or deviate from their motherly duties when there is no relief.

Bringing up children is not that easy. Many mothers ruin their own health, careers, and life to let their children grow into healthy, happy, prosperous young men and women.


Examples from history

In history, we read of so many mothers who produced great men and women. It is well-known that Shivaji’s mother, Jijabai was a beacon of light to him. Gandhiji’s mother was a source of great inspiration to him. She was, to a great extent, instrumental in moulding his character in the formative years of his life. When Gandhiji was to leave for England for the first time, he had been asked to take a number of vows before leaving the shores of his country. He had to take such vows as — that he would not take meat; – that he would not drink; – that he would not cast an evil eye on any girl, etc.


Mothers in modern times

It is a pity that in modern times, many young men and women do not pay adequate attention to the needs of their mothers. Some, even highly educated young people ridicule or make fun of their illiterate or semi-literate mothers. The race for money has made many people blind. The end result is that many of us have totally forgotten our filial duties towards our parents, particularly our mothers.

A mother is often compared to a shady tree that gives shade to the travelers (read children) and itself suffers the scorching rays of the sun.

Unfortunately, in many cases when a daughter-in-law comes in the house, she has scant regard for the boy’s mother, i.e. her mother-in-law. This leads to frequent skirmishes in the house. Many mothers feel cheated and have virtually lost their loving sons to an outsider. No doubt, sometimes, the same mother who had brought up her son so tenderly turns greedy and torments her daughter-in-law in the hope of squeezing more from her even when she has brought a hefty dowry. This money-mindedness is dangerous.


Mother’s day.

Mothers’ Day is celebrated on 14th May every year in all – parts of the world. On this day, mothers are honoured and their sacrifices are recalled. Children present beautiful cards, sweets, bouquets of flowers, and other loving gifts to their mothers in the expression of their gratitude for the hard struggle put in by them in bringing them up.


Mother’s sacrifices recalled

We all know that a mother is the model of sacrifice. If we have to think of only one individual as our sincerest friend and well-wisher, that is our mother. A mother is a person who is truly ready to sacrifice even her life for her children. She forgoes all kinds of luxuries and comforts for their sake.


Mother’s role as the first teacher recalled

The mother is a child’s first teacher who teaches him the first lessons of life. She teaches him how to talk, how to walk, how to eat, and how to behave with others. She teaches him morals and manners and tells him interesting and instructive stories. She continues giving comfort and good advice to her children to whatever extent she can do all her life.


The true celebration of the day.

It is true that we can never, by any means, repay the love, the affection, and the sacrifice of the mother in full measure. But, is it not our duty to do whatever we can for her? It is good that we present a charming cards, sweets, flowers, and other gifts to our mother on Mother’s Day. But I think, it is even more important that we make up our mind on this sacred day to obey and truly respect our mother, help her in her daily chores, try to provide her comfort and joy as much as we can and never to displease her or cause her pain. This determination of ours will be the true celebration of this day.

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