Essay on “The Postman” for Students and Children, 500 Words Best Paragraph, Speech for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12.

The Postman

An important public servant

The postman is an important public servant. His duty is very arduous. He has to deliver dak from house to house in the sun and shower. Though the world in India too has shown a seachange in the living style of the society with the coming of modern luxuries at our doorsteps, yet the postman is a person who is still delivering the dak on his bicycle regularly as usual. He has to do his duty in all kinds of weather.


Courier service

The invention of the courier, fax, e-mail, etc., and other such things have reduced a lot of working load of the postman. The poor man has heaved a sigh of relief. In spite of that, a postman can be seen carrying lots of letters, parcels, etc, to deliver them to the public. It is because the people have grown more mobile, communicative, and business lovers.



The postman has a khaki uniform which he wears in summer and winter. The people wait for him and some anxiously stand near their doorsteps to get some dak from him. He brings the messages of joy and sorrow. He sometimes congratulates the receiver of a good message but feels sorry if the message is a sad one. After all, he is only a messenger, just a government servant. He has to deliver the message whatever it is. He is helpless being duty-bound.


The common man cannot do without him

So many transactions in the common man’s household depend upon the postman. Everybody cannot afford to have a fax or even a phone. Most of the poor people have still to make use of the postcard that the postman carries from place to place. The postman goes even in the remotest corner of the country, in the jungle and marshy land, and in the hilly terrain and deserts. Often he has to suffer the pangs of hunger and thirst and the scorching heat of the sun and the dirt and dust flying in the atmosphere. But he never shirks his duty.


Not highly educated

Previously, most of the postmen were just slightly educated. They could, of course, read or write addresses and they often helped the totally illiterate in understanding the message contained in the communication received by them when they, on their asking, read out the message to them. But, now, the postmen are a little more educated, though not highly educated, and aspire to rise to at least a clerical post in their department after some years of service.



Though the salaries of the postmen have been increased, yet they are not quite satisfactory in view of the sky-rocketing prices of essential commodities, and then these poor men have also to support their families. They should be given handsome salaries as their job is arduous and onerous.

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