Essay on “I Love My Family” English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Kids and Students for Classes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE, ICSE Board, 452 Words.

I Love My Family

I belong to a small family. I have father and mother. We are one brother and one sister. My grandparents also live with us. My grandfather is a retired Principal from a government college. He is a man of strong discipline. He keeps a strict watch on us. He teaches us good habits. He has made us honest and sincere in our work. He does not mind pulling us up if ever we go wrong. My grandmother is a gentle lady. She helps us to get ready for the school. Although she is past sixty, she is very active and helpful. She keeps the house neat, clean and furnished.

My father is M.B.A. in marketing. He is a Chief Marketing Officer in a Multi-national company. He stays away from home most of the time. Whenever he is at home, he feels relaxed. He brings rare gifts for us from different places. He asks us about our well-being in his absence. He examines all his correspondence. When we are busy watching television, he is busy replying to important letters. He also makes his D.A and T.A bills to be submitted to the office.

My mother is a very fine lady. Though she is M.A. in English, she is a house wife. She is a very caring mother. She takes keen interest in our studies and helps us to solve our difficulties. She is a religious lady and visits the temple regularly. She gets up early in the morning to make our breakfast. She is very simple-minded. She is very fair and square in her dealings. She does not interfere in anybody’s affair. She tries to fulfill all our needs and co-operates with our father to the full. She is the central point of the family.

I have a younger sister. She studies in sixth class. She is very good at studies. She always stands first in the class. All her teachers speak high of her. She is the monitor of her class. She is fond of dancing. She takes part in extracurricular activities but she does not take interest in games. Of course she sometimes plays video games. Being the youngest in the family, she is the centre of attraction for all.

I am the only son in my family. I am treated with utmost care. I am not called by my real name. I am called by the name Nikku. My friends too have started calling me by this name. My parents love me dearly. I am the hope and future of my family. My grandmother is especially fond of me. All the members in the family pray for my long life. Ours is a very happy family.

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