Essay on “Being A Good Orator” for Students and Children, Best Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12

Being A Good Orator

Oratory refers to the ancient art of public speaking. In ancient Greece and Rome, oratory was studied as a component of rhetoric and was an important skill in -4 public and private life. Rhetoric uses language to persuade. It was used to train public speakers and writers, to move audiences to action with arguments.

The art of public speaking was first developed by the ancient Greeks. This Aristotelian style involves a strong emphasis on message content, argumentation strategies, and appeal to common sense. Communication is seen as a skill to persuade and obtain influence. To be a good orator, one must appeal to the noblest sentiments within the audience; your speeches must be filled with allusions to the greatest characters, events, and artistic expressions of history. Oratory, thus, combines all the arts into one expression. One must keep abreast of current events and study human nature, religion, science, literature, and poetry. A great orator must be aware of the counterarguments critics will raise and deftly address and defuse them. Reading speeches of great orators helps in studying the construction of their sentences, how the arrangement of words builds rhythm, how the choice of words and stories creates vivid imagery. Listening to great speeches and noting where orators pause for effect, helps tremendously.

“Oratory is not mere speaking, but speech that appeals to our noblest sentiments, animates our souls, stirs passions and emotions, and inspires virtuous action.” The introduction, body and conclusion theory works here as well, the introduction and conclusion being crucial. Posture, voice modulation and eye contact all play an important part in the magic of oration.

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