Essay on “Health is Wealth” for Students and Children, Best English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12

Health is Wealth


How to Keep Healthy?


A Sound Mind lives in a Sound Body


Health is the key to success in life


Health, a Way of Life


Role of diet – balanced diet

It is a true saying that “Health is Wealth”. Only a healthy and strong person can face the chilly blasts of wind in Siachen and stand like a rock to save his country. So, it is essential to be strong and healthy to serve one’s country.

It is also a common saying, “A sound mind lives in a sound body.” That is why even at the school level we should take part in games, NCC, etc. At school, we have a specific drill period. All these things improve our blood circulation and provide the necessary heat to our muscles and hence give strength to our bones. But on the other hand, bookworms become physically unfit and get reduced to a skeleton. They fall easy victims to diseases.

There is a great role of diet in keeping one’s health normal. For that one should take a balanced diet. Diet should be taken strictly under the supervision of a dietitian. It is important, particularly for those who are old and are suffering from certain diseases like BP, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, etc.

But the children’s diet should contain an abundant amount of fats, proteins, vitamins, etc. To get all such things or, in other words, to get a balanced diet, children and young ones should take milk, eggs, wheat, cheese, fruit green vegetables, etc. They should also play one or the other game regularly.

Health essential for success in life 

Those who cannot spare time to play outdoor games can play indoor games. Gardening is also a good avocation to keep oneself healthy. Gardening also helps in awakening certain soft emotions in the human mind when one sees the germination of seeds, and the birth of small cute leaves.

The importance of health can be judged from the fact that only those candidates are selected for jobs who are physically fit. Sometimes even the most brilliant students are rejected for a job on the grounds of poor health.

Health is not related only to the external organs of the human body. One must have internal organs totally disease-free. It is sometimes found that one may have an attractive personality but may be suffering from some terrible disease.

Children should not eat too much of ice, candies, sweets, chocolates, etc. They should go for proper brushing of their teeth. Children should also be advised not to sit too close to the television. It may cause great damage to their eyes. It is often seen that such children feel a great strain on their eyes and hence fall victims to hypermetropia.

Role of clothes

The most important thing that should be taken into account in order to keep good health is the selection of clothes. We should not wear tight clothes. Too tight clothes and clothes made of nylon and other such synthetic fabric can cause irritation to our skin. The people who live on plains can keep themselves cool even in the summer season by wearing cotton clothes and by avoiding exposure to intense heat. Similarly, people who live in the cold regions should wear woolen clothes to keep their bodies warm.


Thus, regular morning walks and exercise, simple but nourishing food, good habits and thoughts, moderation, and balance between work and recreation can keep one healthy.

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