Essay on “My School” for Students and Children, Best English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12

My School


Importance of education

There is nothing in life without education. Knowledge is a weapon which can kill the demon of ignorance. And to obtain this invincible weapon one has to go to school.

Importance of a school

I study in one of the best schools in Delhi, which is a Senior Secondary School, though I think every school is a good one because it is said to be a temple where goddess Saraswati lives.

Some peculiarities of my school

But there are certain special things about my school. It has a big building which runs from one corner of the street to the other. Secondly, it is so designed that fresh air always runs through every corner of it. Five gardens have been laid spread which always keep the atmosphere fresh.

Building, gardens, rooms, students, auditorium, programmes, blood donation camps

There are about 2000 students in my school All of them are well behaved. The students of senior classes talk with one another in English. They speak in Hindi with their juniors.

All the students do not belong to the upper classes. Yet all of them can be seen in high spirits as they live like a big family.

All the students pray together in the morning during the assembly. They laugh, clap and sing together during different cultural programmes which are held usually in the large auditorium of our school. Moreover, all of them are ready to help the poor and the needy.

Every year our school arranges a blood donation camp inside the campus of our school and a few hundred bottles of blood are donated by the students and the staff to save the lives of the needy.

Teachers, Principal

We are thankful to the teachers of our school who have brought us out of the daydreaming world and helped us to see the right path in our lives. They are our true guides who have shown us light and have taught us to be taught enough to face any sort of challenge in academic, cultural and sports fields?


There is a big library in our school. It is full of books, journals, magazines, newspapers, etc., on all subjects of interest to students.

Canteen, Labs and Computer Room

There is a canteen in our school. One can have hot samosas, gulab jamun etc. Fast food is also served there. Everything which is sold here is hygienically prepared under the hawkish eye of the School Canteen Committee consisting of faculty members and students. There are different types of laboratories in our school such as the chemistry lab, physics lab and biology lab which are used by the science students. There is a big computer room, having fifty computers. Computer training is a compulsory subject in our school. Students are also taught about the Internet here.


There is a big room for the clerical staff. It is equipped with modern gadgets including the fax. Adjacent to that is the room of the Principal. It is a well-furnished room.’

Guest Room

There is a guest room, quite close to the entrance gate of the school for the parents of the students to stay awhile when they come to make any sort of enquiry regarding the progress of their children.

Cycle, scooter shed, car park

There is a big cycle-cum-scooter stand in one corner of the school where students park their cycles, mopeds and scooters, during school time. There is a proper arrangement for drinking water. There is a garage in our school for cars also.


There is a big dispensary in the school which is being run by a qualified doctor. An annual routine medical checkup is a must for every student.


There is a separate sanatorium in my school for the sick students to stay and a nurse has been appointed there to look after them.

My school has about 20 vehicles of its own which are used to bring students from remote areas.

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