English Moral Story “Three effigies” for Kids, Full length Educational Story for Students of Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

Three effigies

The court of Maharaja Chandragupta was engaged. All the members were sitting in their own place. Mahamantri Chanakya was performing the court proceedings. Maharaja Chandragupta was very fond of toys They needed a new toy every day. Even today, what is new is to ask the King; It came to know that a dealer has come and brought some new toys. The dealer claims that neither Maharaj nor anyone has ever seen such toys till now nor will they ever see. The king ordered to call the merchant. The dealer came and after bowing, he took out three of his idols and put them in front of the king, and said that the three idols of the food adder are very special in their own hands. Even though they look alike, they are really very different. The value of the first effigy is one hundred thousand pieces, the value of the second is one thousand pieces and the value of the third pupil is only a stamp. The emperor looked at three idols carefully. There was no difference in seeing, then why the difference in price? This question made Chandragupta extremely upset. He gave the statue to the members of the defeat and told me what is the difference between them. The members turned around and looked at all the idols, but no one got the answer to solve this knot. When Chandragupta saw that he was all silent, he asked the same question to his guru and Mahamantri Chanakya. Chanakya saw the idols carefully and ordered the concierge to bring three straws. Chanakya first stitched the ear in the ear of the statue after coming to the straw. Everyone saw that the straw went straight into the stomach, after a while, the lips of the effigy shook and then stopped. Now Chanakya put the next straw in the ear of another pupil. This time everyone saw that the straw was flown out of the second ear and the effigy of the effigy remained the same. Seeing this, everyone’s curiosity was increasing, what will happen next. Now Chanakya put the straw in the ear of the third pupil.

Everyone saw that the straw was flown out of the effigy and the mouth of the effigy opened up. The mannequin is shaking like something you want to say. On Chandragupta’s question, what is all this and why the value of these manuscripts is different, Chanakya replied. Rajan always keeps listening to the stories heard by himself and opens his mouth only after confirming them. That’s their greatness. We get this knowledge from the first statue and this is the reason that the value of this statue is one lakh pieces. Some people are always immersed in themselves. Let everything be unheeded. They do not have any wish of their wow. Such people never harm anyone. We get this knowledge from the second pupil and this is the reason why the value of this idol is one thousand pieces. Some people are raw and abdominal in the ears. No one listened to the noise in the whole world. They have no knowledge of falsehood, but by simply opening the mouth. This is the reason that the value of this pupil is only a stamp. Take this knowledge that you recognize the person from these idols, just some of the inside, you must adopt this distinction from the outside.

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