English Moral Story “Lion and Rabbit” for Kids, Full length Educational Story for Students of Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

Lion and Rabbit

A lion lived in a forest. The lion was hungry for many days. When he was going out to hunt down his den, he saw a rabbit playing close to his den. As soon as the lion was about to swim over it, a deer appeared in front. The lion thought the rabbit is too small, the breakfast will not be too complete, the deer is big enough to kill him. So he left the lion rabbit and ran behind that buck. But seeing the deer lion, he started running very fast and soon he disappeared from the eyes of the lion. When the lion saw the deer running fast, he started thinking that he would not be able to catch the buck. As the deer gets out of sight, the lion waits for the full meal. He decided in the mind that chasing the buck is no longer worthless. I should return to the rabbit. By eating it, some of my stomachs will be filled. But when he returned and returned to his den, he was not surprised to find the rabbit. He started thinking that I had left the rabbit right here? Then where did this rabbit go? Surely this will be hidden somewhere. I look for him now.

Where can he escape from me? Thinking that the lion began searching for that hare. She looked inside the den, looked out of the den but she did not notice the rabbit anywhere. The rabbit was ruffled after the lion went there. The lion became desperate without seeing the rabbit there. Both deer and rabbit survived from becoming food. The lion started thinking about the buck, when I saw it, thought that the buck is bigger than the rabbit, so eating it will fill my stomach. The rabbit is too small – I can not even eat my stomach. So I ran away from the rabbit to hunt the buck. But unfortunately, that buck did not come to my hands, and ran fast. The lion regretted both of his hunts coming out of the hunt and said, I lost everything in my greed to get more than I left. I could not get much or much. That is why they say that it is necessary to get rid of some greed in greed.

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