English Moral Story “The Thoughtful Work is Never Painful” for Kids, Full length Educational Story for Students of Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

The Thoughtful Work is Never Painful

There was a bunny. It was good. Was naive Neem was crazy. Ran a small shop, used to sell things like Dal, Murmur, Rewadi, and used to gulp up the coconut till evening. One night after closing the store and going to his house late at night he found some thieves on the way. Been asked the thieves, where are you going to the people in the dark at this time? The thief said, brother, we are the dealer. Why are you pushing us? Banee said, but after a pahar night, where are you going? Chor said, buy goods. Buena asked, will buy cash or borrow money? Chor said, no cash, no lending. You do not have to give money. Beena said this is a great profession. Will you take me with you too? Chor said, come on. You will have the advantage. Beena said the thing is fine. But first, tell me how this business is done? The thief said, write the backyard of someone’s house … Banee said, wrote. The thief said, putting a finger in the silence … Banee said, wrote. The thief said, then dabha foot into the house … Banee said, wrote. The thief said, whatever you have to take, gathering so … Banee said, wrote. The thief said, neither ask the landlord nor give him money … Banee said, wrote. The thief said, returning home with whatever goods we got. Been wrote all the things on paper and put the paper written in the pocket.

Later all came out to steal. The thief entered the house and stole it from another house. There he did exactly what he wrote in the paper. First, put the back ass. Inserted into the damp foot house Lit the lamp and lit the lamp By finding a sack he began to fill the small pieces of brass with big dishes. Only then did a large palate fall from his hand and the whole house echoed with his voice. The people of the house woke up Everyone screamed at the thief and surrounded him and started to kill him. Become astonished. He took out a paper placed in his pocket and he read a look. Then he got into vigor. When all the people were repairing him, then the businessman said, “Brothers, this is exactly the opposite.” Here the vomit Ganga is blowing. After hearing the matter, everyone got into thinking. Everyone stopped asking me, what are you doing? Banee said, take it, look at this paper. There is mention of beating somewhere in this? The people of the house immediately understood. They pushed the bienge out of the house. The thoughtful work is never painful.

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