English Moral Story “Jackal and ass” for Kids, Full length Educational Story for Students of Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

Jackal and ass

It was a matter of time that a donkey lived near a washer. Dhobi used to dress clothes on him and wash the clothes on the river every day. In the free time during the day, the donkey used to eat grass on the banks of the river. One day there came a jackal from there. The jackals and the asses began talking among themselves. In a few days, the friendship of both of them was confirmed. Both used to go around walking around. One day roaming both went into a form. Seeing green cucumbers in the form, water came into their mouth. During the day, eating cucumber in the garden was very difficult, so both of them returned. Coming in the way, they decided that the cucumber should be taken in the night. The next morning, both the donkey and the jackal went to the cremation ground. They taste the coke very much. After eating a lot of stomachs, the asshole went towards the sky where the moon of Purnima was feeding. At the sight of the moon, singing the heart of the donkey started to soften the song. The donkey said to the jackal, look how beautiful the moon looks. In this way, my Ji is doing the song. Siyar said, do not do such a hurricane or we will get stuck in trouble. The gardener will wake up listening to your song. Your voice is also very high. The donkey said what you know about songs. When is the song sung? I do not want to go through such beautiful weather in my hand. I will sing in the song. Siyar understood that the donkey is no longer acceptable. He said okay when you want to sing, then go to the outside gate and take care of the gardener. When the gardener arrives, I will warn you. Sierra came out from the gate. The donkey started singing in his loud voice. The gardener came there listening to the donkey voice. The gardener beat the sticks with the asshole. Because of the kill, the donkey fell down there. When the senses came, the donkey came out, where the jackal was waiting for it. Seeing the ass, you laughing the jackal, you did not listen to me and you have also given a gift to you. The donkey whispered said, “Do not throw a mockery of my stupidity, I am already very embarrassed to disobey the advice of my dear friend, then let us go towards our destination.” That is why it is said that a good friend is good at accepting good things.

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