English Moral Story “The Effect of Bad Company” for Kids, Full length Educational Story for Students of Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

The Effect of Bad Company

There was a Seth in a city, Seth had a son, Seth’s son’s friendship was with some boys who had bad habit, lived in bad company, Seth did not like all this, Seth could explain to his son Seth did not succeed at much, but whenever Seth quotes him to explain, the son says that he does not accept his wrong habits, sadly, Seth wanted to teach his son a lesson, one day from Seth market S He brought a buy and bought a saver with him, came home, Seth kept his boy alive and said, keep him in the cupboard, he will eat tomorrow, when the son starts to save, see a saava straw and talk to Seth This service has been burnt, Seth said, “No matter tomorrow, you will see tomorrow; Second day Seth asked his son to get out of service, when Seth’s son came out when half of the saiva was rotten, Seth’s boys said, This one save the other Seth also said, then it is the effect of all the accompaniment, the son, in the same way, the right person who falls in wrong way also starts doing wrong, abandoning wrong associate, son came to understand and he promised Now that he will not go into wrongful compatibility, he will remain in our company only, so that man should never fall into bad company.

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