English Short, Moral Story “Dropping Dead Weight” for Kids and Children for Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, competition with moral values.

Dropping Dead Weight

There comes a point in our life where we really have to consider our lifestyle. How we eat, how we dress, but most importantly, who we hang out with.

I know how it feels to have to kind of cut yourself of from friends. But sometimes if you hang around immature losers, you will find yourself in a sticky situation. So please drop the dead weight

One day, I got suspended from school saying something inappropriate. (b*** job). I almost passed out because when I said it, the whole class became quiet. Now what do you think that made me look like. An immature loser of course! I got myself in trouble repeating what another friend said. Guess what, he didn’t get in trouble I did.

This was very uncomfortable to talk about with my mom. I think this is because I am trying to become a better Christian, and when you do so, you don’t get away with the stuff you used to, but That’s another story.

After this incident, I woke up one morning and said “what was I thinking.”  I began to investigate would led me to have such a fowl mouth. Then it clicked like a light bulb . . . It’s because of the people I hang around.

These guys I hang with are very negative. You can barely say anything to them without them thinking negative. For example if I say something referring to a test and i say “that was very hard”, I think you can read between the lines. Immature loser like, isn’t it.

When I returned to school, I have to admit, I began to hang around those same guys. Then I caught myself and I didn’t completely ignore them, but I did distance myself. Doing so has changed my lifestyle. I don’t laugh at everything, I can be quiet in class, and I have gained respect and dignity for myself and others and have been able to think straighter and pray more effectively. I really thank God for that. People who do not even know about the incident have given me compliments saying you are really turning out to be a real gentleman.

Once again I say, stay away from immature losers so you can stop being one or don’t become one. Yes those guys are popular, but since I was one of those guys, I know better. You may feel left out, but after while, feeling better about yourself is much more important, and you get a head start on the maturity of youngish need when we get older. God will be very pleased with you as well.

Yes, I know that I know that I know that I know it is very hard, but drop the dead weight. God loves you and he really wants to bless you and oh he is very real. Yes there are some hard trials, some situations where you might want to question God, but It’s for the better.

The only reasons God can’t bless you is because of your fear, ignorance, or things that you put in your life that won’t let God reach you.

Once again I say please DROP THE DEAD WEIGHT!

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