English Moral Story “Heard the thing” for Kids, Full length Educational Story for Students of Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

Heard the thing

Long ago, a lot of animals lived in a forest. There was a huge lake in the middle of the forest from which animals used to drink water. There was a high papaya tree on the edge of this pond, it used to be very large papaya The bar was playing on the edge of the pond by drinking some rabbit water, ripe big papaya broke down in the water, which caused a loud noise, and after listening to Gadam’s voice, the rabbit got scared and ran away Seeing the running of the rocks, a fox asked why the brother is running why the rabbit said, the guards are coming. Run Fox also participated with them, and they got a herd of elephants, an elephant asked why If you are running, then the answer is gone, the goddess is running, the elephants also begin to run away. The gad is coming slowly. Many animals start fleeing together. When a bunch of animals ran away from the Babbar Lion’s den, the lion asked why they were running. The answer is coming. Gadam is coming. As soon as a lion was getting ready, another lion said why you are running. You are the king of the jungle

You have powerful paws, you can rip you off your claws, know the truth before fleeing. On this, the lion asked an animal, who told you that Goddess is there, then he told me, then the elephant said. Asked the elephant then he said to me the fox said, Fox said that the rabbit had told me then. When asked by the rabbit, he said, “Where we were playing, there was a voice of Goddess who we were running by listening to. The lion said, take me to that place. All went towards the place as soon as all the animals reached the edge of the pond, large papaya broke down and fell into the water and loudly sounded the voice of the gad. Lion said that it was the sound of water that came from the fall of papaya. The rabbit said, “We only ran through fear of hearing this voice.” Then the lion explained that there is no scary thing in it. All this is heard from the story, the lion said, never believe in the story heard from.

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