Essay on “The Value of Travelling” for Students and Children, Best Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12

The Value of Travelling

Man-a restless creature

Man is by nature and shapes a restless creature. Man’s limbs are so framed that they always seem to be meant for walking, running or throwing.

In search of security

Since the earliest times, man has been a travelling creature. He has hardly stayed in one place for a long time. Vegetable life is only rare in man. The earliest men travelled in search of food for themselves and their livestock. The men also travelled to find a place of maximum security not only from wild animals and calamities of nature but also from their fellow men.

Curiosity for knowledge

Another reason for men travelling far and wide has been their love and curiosity for new knowledge regarding places and people. Thus we had travellers like Marco Polo, Columbus, Vasco de Gama, Hiuen Tsang, Fahien and others.

Some famous travellers

Some people travelled for the love of adventure. Alexander wanted to conquer the whole world. Changez Khan conquered lands for the love of adventure. Some conquerors like Mahmud Ghaznavi invaded India in the name of religion but actually, they wanted to loot and plunder. Muhammad Ghori, however, actually wanted to establish a kingdom, and it became clear when he finally defeated Prithvi Raj Chauhan after having earlier been defeated by him seventeen times, as the legend goes.

Means of transport

In modern times, travelling has become very popular. With the exceedingly improved means of communication and transportation, the number of homesick people has sharply decreased. Many people go abroad to earn money and name. Many of the Indians who migrated to countries like the USA, Canada, UK and Australia, have become millionaires and some even billionaires in a space of a few years. Some Indians have got high places in the social and political systems of the countries in which they have settled. Thus the Indian diaspora has become very large. A few Indians have become international figures. Mr Mahendra Choudhary a gentleman from Haryana became the Prime Minister of Fiji Island. Businessmen like the Hindujas and the Mittals who have settled in the UK are well-known figures.

Indian diaspora

Indian students go to foreign countries to seek entry into various institutions, including universities and colleges there. They often get their cherished posts in the countries concerned after completing their education.

Educational purposes

Pure travelling is, however, different from going to or migrating to a foreign land for educational purposes or just for settling there, as is sometimes done through a matrimonial alliance or some sponsorship. Now travelling has taken the shape of tourism for which purpose almost every country in the world has set up a separate ministry. Tourism has i commercial purpose. However, tourists visit various lands fo. fun, sight-seeing and enhancement of knowledge. It is quite simple to understand that we can learn more, much more, by coming into direct contact with people visiting historical and other places instead of just reading about them in books, magazines and newspapers.


In ancient times, when means of communication and transportation were not well developed, people were prompted to visit places of pilgrimage by crude means and even on foot. The purpose was an enhancement of knowledge, religious and mental satisfaction and promotion of social and national ties by coming into contact with people from different states, and regions. It was a wise and clever method of national integration devised by our forefathers.

Marauders, terrorists, mercenaries

Unfortunately, whereas in the past many marauders and predators came to looč, now many smugglers, terrorists and mercenaries move about from country to country to carry out their nefarious designs. Let us rise as one man to control them.

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