Essay on “The Teacher I Like Most” for Students and Children, Best Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12.

My Favourite Teacher


The Teacher I Like Most

A second God to the students

A teacher is a second God to the students who guide them in every walk of life.

One can say without exaggeration :
“The sun will die
The stars will lose their shine
But the name of a teacher
Will live in heaven nine.”

There are sixty teachers in our school and I like all of them. But I like Mr K. L. Verma the most. He is my favourite teacher.



He teaches us English. He is a smart young man in his early thirties. He is an M.A. B.Ed. He has obtained a high first division in his post-graduate course.



Mr. Verma puts on a simple white shirt and light coloured pants of different shades on different days. He believes in simple living and high thinking.


A great scholar

He is a great scholar. He has a vast knowledge of English and many other subjects. He speaks English very fluently. He is a storehouse of knowledge but he is never boastful of his spacious knowledge and innumerable attainments. He is a humble, polite person who talks to everybody in a very pleasant and pleasing manner. He never ridicules any student for his forgetfulness, absent-mindedness or petty mistakes or even his mischievous nature.


His lectures

When he tries to instil into the students’ minds something moralistic, ethical or something that may be beyond their comprehension, he uses only the persuasive method and never tries to thrust his ideas down their throats. However, normally he always talks and explains the things within the range of students’ understanding.

He is the real nation-builder. He takes great pains in exploring various lessons to the students and never gets irritated even when he is asked very funny or tricky questions. He allows full, free and thorough discussion in his lectures.


Dealing with students

He feels at home with all kinds of students. He exhorts the brilliant students and encourages the weak ones to buck up and gird up their loins to put in harder labour to catch up with the better ones. He even holds free classes for the weak students on Sundays and holidays. He tells the naughty idlers in a very impressive way to mend their ways in their own interest.

Sometimes, he has to warn them, threaten them and even punish them – but not for the sake of prestige or making his own presence felt, but for the sake of the students’ own careers. For this purpose, he does not hesitate to report the matter to the Principal or the parents of the students concerned. But students’ welfare is always uppermost in his mind.


His habits and manners

Mr. Verma is an early rising bird. He is very regular and punctual. He believes in the saying, “Physician heal thyself.” Thus, before telling others to have good manners and habits, he has already developed such things in himself.


Relation with management, etc.

He is in the good books of the Principal and the school management. All the students also love him. He is my favourite teacher. He is easily accessible to all. Whenever I have any problem, I go straight to him without any hesitation.



He is a voracious reader, a good speaker and debater, a cricketer, a painter and a singer besides being a good, great, and indeed an ideal teacher. May he live long!

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