Essay on “Online Education” for Students and Children, Best English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12

Online Education


The first university in India to start Online education

Punjab Technical University is probably the first university in India to start the “Online virtual campus,” aiming at education through online mode and the e-correspondence mode.


The beneficiaries

Among the beneficiaries of the online education would be the students, businessmen, housewives, executives, professionals, government and other employees, defence personnel, retired persons and all others who for one or the other reason find it hard or impracticable to attend regular classes in a university or institution. It will be a boon to those who want to learn and get professional degrees and diplomas, etc. in their favourite fields of study.


Learning network

Distance education through the mode of online would be provided through a widespread rule of “learning network”. This network will comprise learning centres learning points, learning associates and learning consultants.

The online mode learning centres would have high-quality infrastructure local area network with multimedia PCs, etc.

An interesting feature of the scheme is that the online or correspondence courses will have no active faculty. Contrarily, as per reports, “the university would provide printed courseware, interactive courseware and the e-mail facility for interaction with the faculty.”



The step must be considered an ultra-modern one in the field of education when the world is getting more and more scientised and computerised in particular. Among the courses on which study will be made available are such as:

  1. Master of Business Administration (MBA) 2. Master’s Diploma in International Trade (MDIT)
  2. Master’s Diploma in Computer Application (MDCA) 4. Master of Computer Application (MCA)

And other courses such as MSc (Computer Science), BBA, M.Tech, B.Tech, etc. It is stated further that the last two courses (M.Tech and B.Tech) mentioned here will be available through online mode only and not through the e-correspondence course.

It is learnt that certain other universities including IGNOU have also started similar courses.

In all cases of seeking admission in any online courses anywhere whether a university or a technical institution full enquiry to one’s entire satisfaction as to rules, regulations, laws, viability, etc. should be made beforehand to avoid subsequent embarrassment or complications.

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