Essay on “I Wish For My Dream To Come True” for Students and Children, Best Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 in English Language.

I Wish For My Dream To Come True

I have a dream, India of my dreams. It is true that one person cannot solve all the big problems–eliminating corruption from society or to educate every child or to fix all roads, but individually one can still do lot of small things and if each person does these small things, then it will add to a sum of large things. The India of my dreams will be perfect, a happy blend of the old and the new, spiritual and material, urban and rural, the religious and cultural and the scientific and technological.

In the India of my dreams honest and principled leaders would lead us, and they would bring about a drastic change in our country by bringing down the level of corruption. This would automatically help the country to grow stronger. There would be 100% literacy and primary education would be mandatory for all children. The India in my dreams will be84 111% foremost in all areas of sport. Top rankers in all the sports will be Indians, and sportsmen would be encouraged on their potential rather than the influence they command through other sources. All the social evils that plague the society, today, will be banished from the India of my dreams. Her people will be self-reliant and will have utmost faith in action, labour and toil. The India of my dreams will not be guided by stars and fate but by dynamic men who will write their own fate.

I dream that my country’s vast expanses of knowledge, the Vedas, Puranas, scriptures and many other books will be thrown open to the world. The ancient seats of learning Taxila and Nalanda will be reborn. Besides, science and technology, the modern sanctuaries of knowledge and learning will guide us in all fields that lead to the welfare and harmonious existence of all the species on this earth. I wish for my dream to come true.

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