Essay on “Co-Education” for Students and Children, Best English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12



Different views on Co-education

In the system of co-education girls and boys study together under the same roof. There is, however, a controversy about whether co-education should be there or not. There are different views. Some speak in favour of it while others speak against this system of education.

Those who favour it, give their reasons openly. They consider both men and women equal in all walks of life. And they hold that men and women have to work in the same offices, in the same business houses, etc. Not only this, both men and women in home struggle together to keep the pot boiling. Then why can’t they study together in educational institutions?

In the modern society it is believed that the girls are no less intelligent than the boys and they have proved it. Girls are often more intelligent than boys. They know how to tackle all the problems in a proper way. Hence if girls and boys sit and study together they will learn a great deal of discipline, which is the most important thing in life, not only for an individual but for the whole of mankind. It is believed that the boys become gentle and civilized in the presence of girls. The girls, on the other hand, learn to be frank and bold in the presence of boys.

It is also found that in co-education, both boys and girls try their best to get good marks to impress each other. Hence an inspiration of winning comes to their minds which remains a part of their whole life and proves beneficial to them in the long run.

Moreover, this system of education is economical. Education in different schools, colleges, universities, etc for both the boys and girls means double expenses. There will be two different kinds of schools, colleges, and universities. This will double the number of classrooms. There will be double the number of teachers also.

But, as we know, the world is not the same everywhere. Those who oppose this system of education give their arguments like this. They give more stress on the point of the character. According to of them, the co-education system spoils the character of both the boys and the girls. The boys make a show to attract the girls. Most of the boys try to look like film heroes and throw their books away. Girls also become more fashionable to attract the boys and neglect their studies.

It is also found that the students sometimes start taking drugs and even commit crimes or violate the laws in order to attract the opposite sex and thus they spoil their careers.


On the whole, it is better that there should be a coeducation system in India. In this system, the boys and the girls can understand each other from the very beginning. Moreover, it is a fact that in the co-education system there remains less curiosity among the children about the opposite sex as they get totally mixed up.

As far as, spoiling of character is concerned, it depends upon the circle of friends and the atmosphere of one’s own home. We know that the boys. of colleges, schools, and universities, where there is no co-education, can be seen wandering near the colleges, schools, and universities which are for girls only. It is because; the attraction between opposite sexes is a natural thing. It is for the teachers and authorities as for parents at home to keep a strict vigil. But, all the same, healthy interaction should not be disallowed.

Sometimes, a boy and a girl studying in one institution may come very close to each other. They may even go in for a matrimonial alliance later. This should not be disallowed if it is based on long, close observation and familiarity and not mere adolescent superficial attraction.

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