English Short, Moral Story “Kofi And Toffee” for Kids and Children for Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, competition with moral values.

Kofi And Toffee

Kofi and Toffee were twin ants. They were different from the other ants. All the other ants in their colony rushed to do hard working. However, the twin ants find joy in eating, sleeping and relaxing. They hated working, as they were the children of Chief Queen Ant of the colony. They ate the food collected by the hunting ant workers, listened to their grandmother’s stories and slept on beds made by their attendants.

“Eat, drink and live happily, for tomorrow we die,” said both the ants to their hardworking, honest and obedient cousin, Veracity “Well you might have got the news that our distant cousins from England, the Red Passion Ants, have somehow managed to find their way here and will shortly arrive”, said Veracity. “Red Passion Ants sounds great. I have never heard their name”, said lazy Toffee.

“I hope we never had them,” said Veracity in a shaking voice. “They are dangerous and we don’t want them here. We are preparing for a war to ourselves from their destruction. “War!” exclaimed Kofi. The twin ants were peace and harmony loving ants. They heated anyone coming to harm. Toffee suggested that only powerful humans must fight them. Veracity said that humans were not aware of it and by the time they could know, it would be too late.

Soon the Chief Queen Ant called an emergency meeting. The meeting began and the twins went late. As soon as they arrived, the Queen said, “My dear wins, since you were late, we began our meeting and have taken a few decisions. You two never do Lily work. Thus, it has been decided that you two lave to do something for the safety of the entire colony. You are going to lead our army. Go and get yourself fitted for armour.” The Queen assigned others ants their duties. With this, the meeting got wen However, the twin ants were in horror.

The next day, wearing their new suits of armour, the lazy twins slowly headed the army, towards the cop of the anthill. For a long time, nothing happened. fired with the situation, Toffee rested down and fell fast asleep.

Soon there was a rushing sound. The ant guards cried loudly, “Alert!” Toffee continued to sleep. Before he could wake up, two big Red Fire ants appeared in front of him. One of them was the Commander of the enemy camp. Seeing Toffee sleeping, he asked, “Why is he lying like this?” Kofi replied that he had gone to sleep. “Gone where? Where’s sleep?” the Commander asked. Kofi explained that sleep was not a place but a state of resting in one peace after hearing happy stories.

Hearing this, Commander insisted Kofi to narrate him a few happy stories. Kofi began, “Long ago, there lived a stupid ant”. As the story, progressed Commander looked relaxed. He enjoyed the first story and asked for another story. Soon he happily went to sleep. The others not knowing what to do also went to sleep.

After a few the commander woke up. “We are going back where we belong. There will be no war. We will tell others the stories and teach them how to sleep, remain happy and relax.” Turning to kofi, commander thanked and the enemy camp marched away.

Toffee woke up hearing the happy cries by the Queen’s army. After knowing what had happened, he hugged his clever twin. Both became heroes in their colony. Even the Queen Ant was proud on her kids.

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