English Short, Moral Story “Going To Law” for Kids and Children for Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, competition with moral values.

Going To Law

Once two cats, one white and one black, quarreled, over a large piece of cake. The white cat said that she had seen the cake first and so it was hers. The black cat refused to allow her claim and pretended to scratch her.

A monkey saw the cats quarrelling. He asked them what the matter was. He advised them not to fight. He said that he would be the guide and settle the quarrel justly. Both the cats agreed.

The monkey broke the cake into two pieces. He said that he would divide the cake equally for them. He got a pair of scales and put one piece in each pan.

One piece weighed heavier than the other. So he took a big bite out of the larger piece and ate it up. Now the other piece began to weigh heavier.

So he bit the other piece and tried to make it equal. In this way the monkey went on biting first one piece and then the other, till they became very small.

The cats were alarmed. They asked him to give them back the pieces. They said that they were quite satisfied. But the monkey replied that it was the reward for his labour.

Saying this, he put the two pieces in his mouth. The cats lost the whole cake and went away sadder and wiser.

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