English Moral Story “Power of Unity” for Kids, Full length Educational Story for Students of Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

Power of Unity

There was a huge (Snake)dragon in a forest. He was very arrogant and extremely cruel. When he came out of his bill, all the creatures feared him and stood firm. His mouth was so rare that it was swallowed up by the rabbit. Once the dragon was roaming in search of prey. All the creatures ran away after seeing him leave the bill. If he did not find anything, he became angry and began to flutter and started flipping around. On the other hand, a hinge, hiding under the heap of leaves, went away in search of the food itself. Dry leaves started flowing through the python’s pimples and the baby of the hare began to notice. At the sight of the dragon, the child of a deer-heron was so scared to see that terrible creature that she could not escape from the mouth. Suddenly, the dragon swallowed the baby of a newborn deer. By then the Hirani had returned, but what would he do? Taking a deep breath in his eyes, his child was seen to be disturbed by the disease. There is no place for mourning for Hirani. He somehow decided to take revenge on a dragon. The drowning Hirani went to his friend Nevala and told him his sad story. Neville too hurt. He said in a sad voice, “Friend, if I was in my bus, then I would put a hundred pieces of dragon down. But what to do, it is not a small snake, which I can kill is a dragon. Only by the rebuke of my tail will I miserable. But here there is a bamboo of the kittens. The queen there is my friend. “Hirani moaned in despair” but when your bigger creature is not able to do anything of that dragon, what will that little ant do? “Neville said,” Do not think so.

He has a very large army of ants. There is a big power in the organization. “Hirani got a ray of hope. Angelo went to the queen and asked him the whole story about the diamond. Anti Rani thoughtfully said, “We will help you. Our Bambi has a narrow pinnate stone path. You must somehow force that dragon to come from that way. Leave the rest of my work on my army. “Neville had full confidence in his friend Anti Rani, so he got ready to risk his life. On the second day, after going to Negal, he started speaking his speech near Snake’s bill. The dragon came out of his bill by filling in his anger when he heard the words of his enemy. Nevada runs in the same narrow path. The dragon followed. The python stopped, then the Nevala mudar puffed up and made an angry python and then forced him to pursue. Similarly, Nevala forced him to go through a narrow path. Fangs started peeling his body with stones. By the time the dragon came out of that way, his body had peeled and was bleeding from place to place. At the same time, an army of ants attacked him. The ants began to bite the naked flesh of the places where they climbed. Python pity His body started to thrash, and the flesh began to scatter and the ants started getting new places to attack. What is the problem of dragon ants? They were breaking down on thousands of counts. In a very short time, the ruthless dragon gave up his mind.

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