Short Story “Tippy and Kitty” for Children, moral story for kids in English for competition with moral values.

Tippy and Kitty

Tippy Dog and Kitty Cat lived in Donny’s home. Donny liked them both very much. But Tippy and Kitty always quarreled with each other. Tippy barked at Kitty whenever she saw her.

One night, a robber came to Donny’s home. Tippy started to bark loudly. Suddenly, the robber took a stick and moved forward to beat Tippy. Kitty was watching this.

“Oh, no! The robber will harm Tippy and Donny,” she thought. Kitty ran to the Robber, and scratched his leg hard. The robber shrieked in pain. Tippy barked loudly. Donny and his father came out and caught the robber.

Tippy thanked Kitty for saving her from the robber. Then, they both became good friends.

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