Precis-Writing Solved Exercise on the Title “Role of Women” for Students of Class 9, 10 and 12 Exams.


There is something radically wrong with the entire structure of human relationship that makes men delight in killing man, whether it be in the name of civilization or religion or anything else. Two wrongs do not make a right; hatred must beget hatred, and what is brought into being by violence can and will always be destroyed by greater violence. It is this fundamental truth that women have got to bring home to the people in their respective countries. No peace treaties can avail that have revenge as their basis and a self-righteous arrogance and hypocrisy in the so-called victors. Women are the natural preserve of life. Life grows from within them. They could make their influence felt if they would be big enough to rise above the walls of narrow nationalism that confine us today. Just as communism calls the workers of the world to unite, let the women of the world unite and stake all for a life worth living. Love conquers all things. We have it in us to give. If we could only realize our moral strength and noncooperation with violence in whatsoever from it raises its head – the womanhood can be the saviour of the world community.

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**(Note: Although the passage begins by talking about violence and hatred in any form or on any account but the central thought on which the whole matter concentrates is the role of women is establishing peace in the violence-ridden world. They can be the initiates and the harbingers of peace and the precis has to catch this point first; other ideas would follow subsequently and would be adjuncts to the central idea.

This is what the effort of a precis writer should be to catch the crux first).



Title: Role of Women

In this conflict and violence-ridden world, women can play a vital role in ridding the world of this malaise. They can make use of their influence in the family of which they are the progenitor and they teach the progenitor and they can teach and preach the lesson that hatred would bring hatred. Let the women of the world unite in this campaign to bring about unity and peace in the world which no peace treaties can bring about.

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