Precis-Writing Solved Exercise on the Title “Change” for Students of Class 9, 10 and 12 Exams.


Perhaps we are living in one of the great ages of mankind and have to pay the price for that privilege. The great ages have been full of conflicts and instability, of an attempt to change over from the old to something new. There is no permanent stability and security and changelessness for than life itself would cease. At the most, we can seek a relative stability and a moving equilibrium. Life is a continuous struggle on the physical, intellectual and moral plane out of which new things take shape and fresh ideas are born. Destruction and construction go side by side and both aspects of man and nature are ever evident. Life is a principle of growth, not of standing sum continuous becoming which does not permit static conditions.

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Title: Change

Change is the law of nature. All great ages have hankered for a change. Without change life would cease to exist. Constant struggle on all planes is going on for new things to take shape. Life grows out of extinction.

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