Moral Story “The Value of Work ” for Kids and Children, English Story for Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, competition with moral values.

The Value of Work  

Story 1   Difference of Work..!!

Once a heart surgeon went to local garage for his car service. Garage owner who was also a skilled mechanic attended him and a little friendly banter started between two.

Mechanic said, ?So.. I have been wondering.. What we both do for a living..??
?So..??, questioned surgeon.

Mechanic replied, ?Well look at this.. ?

As mechanic was checking on the engine he said, ?I check how it?s running, open it up and then fix valves and also after working all i put it all back together.. Now it will work as good as new..?

Surgeon was confused..

Mechanic continued, ?We basically do the same job.. Don?t we?? yet you get paid ten times what i get.. can you tell me why?s that???

Surgeon thought for a moment and then smiled gently toward mechanic and said, ?Try it with engine running..?

Some times simple Answer can Makes us Understand big Differences..

Story 2   Value of one Screw..!!

Once there was an industrialist.. in one of his factories production line inexplicably break down. It was costing him loss of million per day. No one was able to find out what problem occurred with in production line.

At last industrialist was able to track down an expert. When expert came he examined the production line then at a point he took the screw driver and turned just one screw and just with that whole production line started working just fine.

After work was finished expert presented industrialist with a bill of 10,000$

Affronted, Industrialist demanded an itemized version of the bill. Just after a few minutes expert came back with itemized bill.

Bill read   ?For turning screw   1$.. For knowing which screw to turn   9,999$?

One puts his Hard work, Labor and Time in Learning and Becoming Skilled or Expert at anything.

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