GK Question “How A Submarine Manage To Stay Under Water?” general knowledge book English 2021 current affairs quiz and answers for class 7, 8

How A Submarine Manage To Stay Under Water?

The fundamental principle that enables a submarine to submerge or to surface is a simple one. Most modern submarines have two hulls or we call them bodies. Water ballast is stowed between the inner and outer hulls. It may be considered similar to “shells”.

When a submarine is ready to submerge, the large valves called “Kingston’s”, located at the bottom of the ballast tanks, are opened and water allowed in, to let in the sea. The air in the tank escapes through top valves, known as “vents”. The submarine gets submarined.

When a submarine is required to surface, the vents are closed and air pressure is forced into the tanks. This blows the water back out through the Kingston, and the submarine rises to the surface.

To guide the submarine in diving and rising, there are horizontal rudders fitted to the full. To steer the submarine when it is moving forward there is a rudder just like on surface type ships. 

A submarine is divided by crosswise bulkheads or walls into compartments. To move from compartment to compartment one has to pass through water-tight, quick-closing doors. Submarines have escape hatches and safe lungs for use in emergencies.

We know, where the submarine is heading to. Observation are made with the help of a periscope, consisting of long tube that can be pushed up from inside the vessel. The combination prisms are deployed to observe from the lower end of the periscope, the objects on the surface. By revolving the periscope tube, one can sweep the entire horizon.

Submarines also have listening devices that can pick up and locate the sound of distant ships. This radar enables us to find objects when they are on the surface.

In the year 1951, the world’s first atomic submarine was ordered, built and it was launched on July 21, 1955.

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