Do you know “An introduction to one of the translated poems reads”.

An introduction to one of the translated poems reads

1932 at Shanti Niketan: While being a guest of a great Indian poet, with his personal help, I have prepared a small present for Lithuanians. This is a pearl of Tagore’s work called ‘Fruit Gathering’.


This and the poetry Poska wrote in Tagore’s style during his 18-year exile in Siberia for “unknown reasons” were considered lost till recently. In 2013, on learning of Poska’s daughter’s existence, a frail, old lady turned up at her door. She had brought with her three books that had ‘Tagore’ written on them. She also had with her a palm-sized birch bark journal. Poska, who had written his work on birch bark for lack of paper in exile, had wanted his work to be published.

Unfortunately, most of it was destroyed while he was a prisoner. The four manuscripts with the lady were works that Poska had handed over to her when she worked for a government-controlled printing press. Poska gave them to her with a note saying: ‘These translations are a small bit of light for all those in despair’. Realising their worth, the lady hid them from destruction … for all these years!

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