Essay on “The Secret of Success” for Students and Children, Best English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12

The Secret of Success


It is an undeniable truth that those who get a vast property from their ancestors, cannot appreciate the hard work done by the toiling millions. But those who achieve success little by little by putting in hard labour, can more easily comprehend the true meaning of success.


Guidance and inspiration

Many people have many virtues. But they lack guidance and inspiration. They don’t have a strong background. They feel hesitant and fear to take an initiative. Taking risks is unavoidable for a person who wants to achieve success. One must have first conquered one’s own mind before starting on a venture to conquer the world. A famous Victorian poet, Clough, has said,


“If hopes are dupes, fears may be liars.”

Of course, there have been some life-long crusaders in different fields. Through long, persistent efforts, and by making endless sacrifices, they have tried to serve mankind. But there have been others who have achieved success quite early in life.

It requires meticulous planning, a strong will, and proper guidance to achieve success. One should not be afraid of obtaining guidance and advice from elders or those more skilled or experienced. It is of no use to be self-willed and obstinate in every walk of life. Sometimes, a really virtuous or intelligent man may be ridiculed by others on some trivial matter. Cicero, one of the greatest orators of Rome, was ridiculed by his companions for his meaningless name. He vowed that he would make his name immortal. He practiced the art of speaking regularly and, in course of time, became one of the greatest orators, not only of Rome but also perhaps of the world.

Bernard Shaw was at first very nervous when he tried to speak in public. But by regular practice and through hard labour at learning the lesson regarding public speaking, he became a great speaker.

Thus, instead of depending on lady luck, we should have a strong will and we should work hard to achieve success. Success may elude us for some time but finally, we can get it, only if we continue our efforts. We should “Never say, die.” We should continue our efforts endlessly.

A poet has said,

“Tis, try again,

 ‘Try a lesson you should heed;

 “Try, try, again.’

Till at last you do succeed,

Try, try, again.”

Advice, experience, skill

We can learn some lessons from nature. The sun rises in the east in the morning. Immediately, the whole world may not get illuminated with the sunlight. But in a short period, there is all light on the hemisphere concerned. Similarly, human efforts do not go waste.

We should remember: work is worship. Success is there at every step. Newton did not get disheartened even when his twenty years’ labour had gone waste when his favourite pet dog became the cause of the burning of his research work. Columbus persisted in his voyage and at last discovered America. Let us believe in success and work hard for it. Therein lies its secret.

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