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The Secret of Happiness

What is Happiness?

Some people think that happiness can be purchased with a lot of money. They confuse happiness with pleasure which is momentary and superficial. Happiness lies neither in the possession of material objects which provide luxury, nor even fame which is illusionary.

A philosopher has said, “If you want to be happy, just be happy. It does not cost anything to be happy.” Money just cannot buy happiness, but your mood, your own inclination of mind, and your willpower can perform the miracle. Hence, the poet Nash says,

“My mind to me a kingdom is!”

So, it all depends upon the man himself to be happy or not.

Bare Necessities of life

In spite of all those philosophical reflections, we cannot deny that we need certain bare necessities of life for sheer existence. These necessities can be had only through possession of some wealth and a regular flow of money. This can be done only by doing some work, physical or other. For this, we have to study and learn some art, skill or science. This also requires money and often a huge investment which cannot be done unless one has a substantial amount of money. This is one reason why people are so much after money. People’s attitudes to life should be changed. This can be done by bringing about a moral revolution.


Society – social norms

Man has to live in a society where he needs to command respect and hold some status. At present, it is possible only if he has a lot of money.

Still, we should not think that all is lost. There are several religious and spiritual preachers busy providing useful sermons to people – to lure them away from excessive greed, lust, sloth, and such other vices. Even if not many people listen to them or take their advice seriously, there is some impact on society.

We have great scriptures and utterances of prophets which are useful to us. We should not take them from any narrow regimental angles but as treasures of entire humanity at large.

The messages conveyed by these holy books are everlasting and relevant to all mankind. They convey the glory and beauty of God and divinity in all human beings. They are in fountains of peace, tranquility, spirituality world brother unity of mankind and supreme happiness. Let us meant Pray to God regularly and give up all tension and anxiety and enjoy happiness one moment of which is costlier than centuries of sorrow.


We shall also bear in mind that joys and sorrows are part of life. They are compared to two shoes on two feet. If we purchase a shoe for one foot, we have also to purchase one for the other foot. There can be losses and gains in life. Joys and sorrows often alternate with each other like day and night. Hence, if once we were prosperous and now, we are not so, we need not feel dejected. Many people feel unhappy by remembering old happy days. Similarly, man sometimes recalls his old unhappy past and feels sad.

Attitude to life

The famous educationist, mathematician, and essayist, Bertrand Russel, says in one of his essays that birds are happier than men. This is in spite of the fact that every year during the cold winter season, millions of birds die of cold and in hailstorms. But then why are they happier than men? It is because they never recall their past.

Thus human memory which compels him to recall the past events and his mental inclination to think excessively about the future are the causes of sorrow. If these are managed, he can lead a happy life.

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