Essay on “The Book I Like Most – Gita” English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Kids and Students for Classes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE, ICSE Board, 272 Words.

The Book I Like Most – Gita

Books play an important part in man’s life. They are man’s true friends. They give man knowledge and amusement. They guide man in youth and entertain him in old age. Books have been written on various subjects. I have read a number of books. I have liked the Gita the most.

The Gita is a holy book of the Hindus. It is a part of the Mahabharta. It has been written in the form of dialogue. The dialogue is between Lord Krishna and Arjuna. The armies of both the Pandavas and the Kaurvas are standing face to face in the battlefield. When Arjuna sees his friends and relatives in the opposite camp, he is touched. He refuses to shoot arrows at them. He appeals to Krishna for guidance. This gives the occasion for the philosophical teaching.

The Gita is divided into three sections. Each section contains six chapters. The sentiments expressed here have greatly influenced the people. The Gita preaches the lesson of faith. It wants us to do our duty without considering reward or punishment. Krishna tells Arjuna to do his duty as a soldier and not bother about his friends and relatives.

The language of this holy book is beautiful. Its tone is very lofty. It is one of the earliest Sanskrit poems. It has been translated into English, French, German and so many other languages. It has been influencing people for the last 1600 years. It has changed the life-philosophy of many men. Mahatama Gandhi was also influenced by its philosophy. I hold the book in great respect. I read it day and night.

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