English Essay on “Old Age” Best Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 Students.

Old Age

Old age, it is said, disqualifies us from taking an active part in the great scenes of the business. But in what scenes, let me ask? If in those which require the strength and vivacity of youth, I readily admit the charge; but are there no other-none which are peculiarly appropriated to the evening of life, and which is executed by the powers of the mind are perfectly consistent with a less vigorous state or body? Nothing can be voider of foundation than to assert that old age necessarily disqualifies a man for the great affairs of the world. As well might it be affirmed that the pilot is totally useless and unengaged in the business of the ship, because, while the rest of the crew are more actively employed in their respective departments, he sits quietly at the helm and directs its motion? If in the great scenes of business an old man cannot perform a part which requires the force and energy of vigorous years he can act nonetheless in a nobler and more important character. It is not by exertions of corporal strength and activity that the momentous affairs of states are conducted; it is by cool deliberation, by prudent counsel, and by that authoritative influence whichever attends on public esteem, qualifications which are so far from being impaired, that they are usually strengthened and improved by the increase of years.

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