Essay on “Television and Entertainment” for Students and Children, Best English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12

Television and Entertainment

Human life has got a new touch

With the advent of television, human life has got a new touch. Not only the young ones but also the older ones remain most of the time glued to the T.V. screen.

A popular means of entertainment

The reason for T.V.’s popularity is quite evident. Now we have channels that may connect our minds direct with the live match of cricket between India and Australia being played at Perth. We can get knowledge about current affairs through T.V. Other notable channels on the T.V. are religious channels, news channels, sports channels, cine-star channels, etc.

Channels, Live programs, cheap entertainment as compared to other means

So, T.V. has become the main source of entertainment and information for being a cheap device as compared to the projector used for displaying in theatres. It is not a mere source of entertainment. It can be the most effective force to give us the latest information. Children studying in Delhi can interact with their counterparts in the USA through the T.V. worked by computer-backed satellite learning. We can enjoy our summer vacation, sitting before the screen of a T.V. It will connect our minds to the capitals of America or England. We can see how the people of France dress and what the Germans like to eat the most. Even the past becomes alive in the T.V. and future possibilities for man are also exhibited in the T.V. which gets assistance from the experts.

Disadvantages – Effect on children and youth, violence, sex, eyesight, etc.

Whereas the T.V. gives entertainment to children it also disturbs the minds of their parents. These parents feel that their children are losing their hold on practical life. They are becoming lovers of illusions and they like to live most of the time in a dream world. Many children neglect their studies and become dullards. Others lose their eyesight by sitting too close to the T.V. set. Little children get highly frightened when they see horror and violence in a T.V. series. The naked or semi-naked depiction of sex has an adverse effect on young minds.

In the end, we can say that T.V. has opened many more doors of progress and opportunities for human beings. Only we should watch it in a proper manner. The authorities should also take care to make the programs and serials more interesting, informative, and healthier.

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