English Essay on “An Imaginary Trip to the Mars” Best Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 Students.

An Imaginary Trip to the Mars

In these ways of space travel, a trip to the mars is no utopian dream. The US space-ships have already visited this wonder planet – a planet nearest to the Earth. A visit to the Mars can soon be a reality. If man can land on the moon, why can’t we think of landing on the Mars one day? It would really be a thrilling journey. May be we find life on the Mars just as we have it here on Earth.

One day, as I was lost in the dreams of a trip to the Mars, I went to sleep as I was a little too tired. I dreamt that I was in a big space-ship with two other scientists named Voxvalley and Greenwich. We had a long flight of several days before we found ourselves ready to touch the surface of the Mars.

What a beautiful world it was! We were guided to the capital of the planet. I do not remember its name now. It was a fine city, having the latest types of buildings, beautiful parks, etc. I was told that the population of the city was more than two million. The city was ‘W’ shaped. I really wondered at the architecture of the city. It was exceedingly clean and neat. There was no din, no bustle in the street, though the traffic was heavy. Everything, the city and its streets, was sparklingly clean.

There is no air, no atmosphere over the planet. Everything is exceedingly light. There is no pressure of air as we have on the earth; no rule of gravity seems to function there. A kind of spontaneous lightness reigns supreme in the atmosphere. The light of the sun is delicately sweet and has a sober effect on the body. There is nothing like a change of season or weather fluctuations in Mars; all through the year, there is one season, the same weather. It is really strange that in Mars people do not feel thirst. There is nothing called water for drinking. People drink milk and the colour of milk is somewhat greyish instead of white. In the streets, people move about in their small helicopter-type vehicles, hopping from place to place.

We were accommodated at the residence of the top-most scientist of Mars-a a thorough gentleman with plenty of hospitality and generosity. He was one of those who had been endeavouring for the last twenty-five years to establish contact with Earth. His joy knew no bounds when he received our message and he himself came to the cosmodrome to receive us. His wife and children were also very nice and hospitable. They took us home. The food that was served to us was extremely delicious. Although we missed the spices of the Earth, yet we liked the taste.

There are wide seas and deep oceans in Mars: there are high mountains too. There are meadows, dales and fields. But the only difference is that plant life there is not as slow and static as on our earth; it is full of dynamic changes. For example, in the morning one finds small plants, winking in the corners, but the same evening one will find those plants grown into tall trees. Colours of the flowers change from hour to hour. Now the roses are red; after an hour they become yellow and then blue and so on. Honey is the most common and delicious food. There is another thing worth appreciating in Mars, i.e., people do not like intoxicating drinks. In the capital, we did not find any bar or wine shop. They consumed a strange drink that was multicolored to look at but a little pungent in taste.

In the evening a group of press representatives from different parts of Mars came to meet us. It must be noted that there is only one state and one Government for the entire planet. Unlike on the earth, people are not divided by narrow walls of religion, region or caste. We were surprised to know that there had never been a war or an armed conflict on the planet. Disputes between one group of people and the other are settled through peaceful dialogues only. We did not find any jail or police station or court there. People do not commit any crimes. Everybody is happy and safe. Every man or woman is educated. They have one and only one religion – the religion of truth. We were in fact feeling ashamed of our own planet which is always full of strife and struggles.

We went to some colleges there. The staff and the students of the colleges accorded us a warm welcome. We were very glad to see boys and girls reading together. Above all, emphasis is on the moral training of the students. Students are well versed in philosophy, logic, metaphysics, and literature. Besides, they are deeply interested in such fine arts as music, painting, and sculpture. Science is used there for constructive and creative purposes. When we told them about our atom and hydrogen bombs, they simply shed tears. We decided to stay there forever and never to come back to this horrid world of our own.

Just then some foolish neighbour started knocking violently at our door. There had been an accident on the road in front of our house. I opened my eyes and found myself lying on my bed. Near the bed, there was my study table on which were lying my science books. I wanted to go to sleep again but could not. I strongly cherish those few hours spent on the Mars even though in a dream. I am sure, very soon my dream will mature into a reality, and I shall be able to go to Mars. I am already in touch with the authorities at NASA, USA.

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