Essay on “My Best Friend” for Students and Children, Best English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12

My Best Friend


A true saying

It is a true saying, “Friends are here. Friends are there. But a true friend is very rare.”

My best friend

I have a number of friends. But I confess almost all of them are fair-weather friends. It is only one friend, Mohit who has many times proved that he has the qualities to be declared my best friend.

Qualities — fearlessness

The most important quality that he possesses is fearlessness coupled with complete truthfulness and sincerity. If he ever commits an error, he never denies it. He openly confesses his fault and tries hard not to repeat the mistake.


At school

I still remember the day when Ashok, a self-styled bully of our class was beating the weak and lean boys of the class. Nobody was courageous enough to face him. It was Mohit who came to the rescue of such hapless victims of Ashok. He walked close to him with a natural smile across his face and there was no fear or anger in his eyes. He advised Ashok not to beat the boys of his class.

An anecdote

When Ashok did not listen to Mohit, the latter reported the matter to the class teacher who not only took him to the task but also reported it to the Principal. Ashok was expelled from school. Thus a lesson was taught to Ashok. Mohit was quite strong and had sinews of iron. He could have laid Ashok low easily. But he did not take the law into his own hands, as he never indulges in an unlawful activity. Everybody appreciated Mohit for his boldness and law-abiding nature.

Helping others

Master has given just one example of how Mohit helps others matter, but always in a lawful, disciplined manner. He has helped me so many times in critical moments. I can easily say that unhesitatingly:

“Fruits are red and yellow,

Leaves are green

Mohit is my best friend

I have many times seen.”

Other qualities of the head and heart

Mohit, in fact, has many qualities of head and heart. He has a heart of gold. If he sees an old man, a child or a handicapped person finding it difficult to cross the road, he just moves quickly to help such a person. Only last week he saved a child four getting drowned in a canal. A day earlier he had rescued a child left hurriedly by a couple in their house when it caught fire. Both the times, he risked his own life. He gives away even his pocket money to purchase books and stationery for the poor students.

Mohit is very regular and punctual. He works according to a set routine. He never wastes a minute in idle pursuits. He is an early-rising bird. He goes out for a walk daily and takes regular exercise. That is why he is quite hale and hearty.

He is a very brilliant student. He always tops the list of successful students. He respects all his teachers and his parents. He is in the good books of his teachers. He helps me in doing my homework. We go to school together and sit at the same desk. We never quarrel with each other or with any other student.

Sports, etc

Mohit also takes part in sports and co-curricular activities. He is a good speaker and writer. He is the secretary of the School Declamation Society. He is also the student editor of the school magazine.

Patriotic fervour

He believes only in fair practices. For instance, he does not believe in copying. Nor does he ever help or encourage any other student to follow this bad practice. He loves his motherland more than his life. At the time of any national calamity, he comes out with full material and moral support.

My best adviser

His parents, both doctors, love me as their own son. Many parents also love him in the same manner. He gives me good and sound advice. He often warns me against dangers, pitfalls, and problems. I consult him almost at every step. He is to me just like my brother. We are of the same age. May he live long!

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