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An Adventurous Trip

The sight of the sailing men and women

Here is an adventure in which once I found myself embroiled. Later, I told my friend Nell about it and he wants to relate it to you naming me “Master Japp.” Of course, Nell knew my name being my bosom friend. So, this is what he relates and that is truthful.

For Master Japp, the sailing of a boat was a surprising thing. He daily moved close to the bank of a river and watched the men and women sailing the boats.

The decision

One day he decided to sail a boat on the surface of the river water. For that, he stole a boat and set out for a long journey. He reached the aft portion of the boat and directed it to move in the open water.

The sail starts

The boat began to run smoothly on the surface of the water. Master Japp was astonished at his so unexpected success. He took oars in his hands and began to apply them to the sides of the boat as he had already seen the people doing. Now the boat began to run at a lightning speed or so the man felt.

A danger and Helplessness

After running a short distance, the boat bobbed up and down. Master Japp realized a danger ahead; but he found himself in a helpless situation for lack of experience. The next moment the boat began to whirl in a particular area. Master Japp had begun to suffer dizzy spells. He also had a bilious attack.

Prayer and God of water

Master Japp could do nothing but pray to God. The god of water appeared and he saved Master Japp from the impending disaster. Later on, he advised Japp to have patience and to control his desires. “One may have a zeal for something adventurous but one must calculate beforehand the serious problems likely to come on the way. While embarking on any enterprise one must also try to think of a way out before going for such dangerous deeds.


Effect and Thanks

Japp was all thankful but only half-enthusiastic for an adventurous life. “The first great adventure is to plan meticulously and cool-mindedly every adventure contemplated.” “Hum!” He felt fully enthusiastic the next moment.

“Thank God for your timely help; “Thank God for your good counsel.”


He murmured to himself, as he moved out of his boat towards a thicket of trees near the bank of the river miles away from his native town.

“Now, I’ll first meditate and then start,” he said to himself. He was in his highest spirits.

Now, you have got a true account of my adventurous trip, as narrated to you by my friend, Nell. I think it will inspire you to do something adventurous but only in a planned, constructive way.

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