10 Lines Essay on “A Street Hawker” English Essay for Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Students.

10 Lines on “A Street Hawker”

  1. A street hawker is a common sight in all the Indian towns and villages.
  2. A street hawker goes from one street to another and from one locality to another selling his article or food stuffs.
  3. A street hawker usually comes with a basketful of articles, placed on his head. Every street hawker brings articles and eatables of different kinds.
  4. Usually, in the morning, street hawkers come with vegetables and fruits in their baskets.
  5. They sell fresh fruits and vegetables and earn their livelihood.
  6. A street hawker has to labour a lot in order to earn his living. His profits are very meagre.
  7. He is generally a poor man. His clothes are also dirty. But with this small income, he makes both ends meet.
  8. Normally, a street hawker has a cart with three or four wheels. Poor street hawkers have to carry their goods on their heads.
  9. The street hawkers sell fruits, vegetables, breads, eggs, salted grams, chana bhatura, pao bhaji, plastic items and toys.
  10. On the whole, a street hawker’s condition is pitiable because he wanders from morning till evening from place to place in order to earn his daily living.

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