English Short, Moral Story “The Little Pine Tree” for Kids and Children for Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, competition with moral values.

The Little Pine Tree

Once there grew a little pine tree deep in the forest. It had needles that were evergreen. Yet it was glum.

It said, “My needles are not as pretty as leaves. I wish I had golden leaves.”

Next morning, it found It’s wish had been granted. It had shining golden leaves. A man passing by saw the golden leaves and started plucking them. Soon the little pine tree was stripped bare.

It again said, “I was wrong. I wish I had glass leaves. They would look pretty and no one would steal them. “

The next morning the tree saw that it was covered with glass leaves. They sparkled in the sunlight and tinkled gently.

But along came a storm, and the glass leaves were all broken. Once more the little tree was bare.

Now it said, “Leaves of gold and grass are pretty. But I wish I had green leaves.”

Again It’s wish was granted and it was covered with pretty green leaves. But then a hungry goat came and ate up all the leaves.

“What a fool I’ve been!”, sighed the little pine tree. “My needles were the best for me. I wish I could have them back again.”

Fortunately, the little pine tree was granted It’s wish once again and it got back It’s pretty needles.

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