English Short, Moral Story “Beginning Shows the End” for Kids and Children for Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, competition with moral values.

Beginning Shows the End

Blind people have a sense of touch that helps them see what they can’t see with their eyes. Once there was a blind man who had a super-sense of touch. By and by the fame of his extra-keen sense of touch spread far and wide and one day reached the king’s court as well. The king didn’t believe it. He said that he would test it personally.

So, the blind man was summoned to the court for the test. He was given a seat and on the king’s bidding, a wolf-cub was placed on his lap. The blind man caressed every part of the cub’s body to know it’s reality.

The king asked, “What is this baby-animal”

Blind man replied, “Your Honour! It may be a wolf-cub or a fox-cub. But certainly, I can say that it won’t be safe to trust it in a sheep-fold.”

The king was highly pleased at the blind man’s reply and rewarded him handsomely.

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