English Poem “Pink Champagne (for Digby Fairweather)” of poet Adrian Green complete poem with summery for Students.

Pink Champagne (for Digby Fairweather)

Adrian Green

Not blues in twelve

but there is joy

and pink champagne,

the maker”s music

trading eights

in syncopated synergy

from Dixieland to Rock “n” Roll,

and here the cornet-master

leads in tones

a trumpet cannot blow.

The sidemen nod their harmonies,


their music coursing

through an energy of swing;

piano-player”s fingers

dancing round the tune;

a lover”s touch

caressing melody from bass;

and sax, deep throated tenor

shouting counterpoint

above the drums”

percussive ricochets.

Not blues in twelve,

but upbeat late

and shimmying

like Sister Kate.

The cornet-master


an emptiness away.

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