English Moral Story “Your own karma” for Kids, Full length Educational Story for Students of Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

Your own karma

Seth Ghanshyam Das lived in a huge mansion. He had three boys. There was money, servant, servant, horse carriage, but he had the most love with his 17 elephants in his treasure. He was very worried about the elephants’ lack of supervision. He was always worried about what would happen to his elephants after his death. Time passed like this and Seth realized that his last time is not far away. He called all his sons to him and said that my time has come. After my death, share my property with each other according to my will. Take care of one thing that my elephants do not have any kind of harm. A few days later Seth Paradise was laid. The three boys split the property according to the wishes of the father, but all the trouble was concerned with the elephants. The reason was that Seth gave eleven-part to the first boy in the elephant division, the second one to the third, and the third to the third.

It was quite impossible to share 17 such elephants Frustrated, the three boys went to their garden with 17 elephants and started thinking about how to solve this problem. All three saw that a monk was riding on his elephant, coming towards him. Boys came to the monk when they came and told their story. Sadhu said that hey, what’s the matter of being disturbed in this? I’ll give you my elephant. The three boys were very happy to hear. Now 18 elephants were standing in front. The sage called the first boy and said that you take half eleven elephants according to your father’s wishes. Calling the other boy, he gave one-third, that is, six elephants. He called the little boy and said that you also take your ninth part i.e. two elephants. Nine deposits, six deposits, together, became 17 elephants and one elephant was still saved. In the understanding of the boys, this math did not come at all and look at the three Sadhu Maharaj. Seeing them all in this condition, Sadhu Maharaj gave a smile and blessing, departing from all three, the direction from which he came on his elephant went in the same direction. All three of them were thinking that by giving their elephants, Sadhu Maharaj solved a complex problem with simplicity and innocence.

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